Irish Artist And Producer Neolithic Drops Second Solo Single ‘Thots’

Dublin-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Neolithic – from his real name Neo Morake – has finally dropped his second solo single and it is entitled “Thots”. He is well known in the Irish music scene for his different projects such as his band Nobody’s Heroes and now for his solo project as well.

His self-produced and self-recorded single was created in his home studio. The song is composed of a laid-back beat made up of layered guitars and vocals. This is the signature of Neolithic and his playful swagger.

On “Thots”, we can hear Neolithic’s quick and clever flow, where he is talking about the experiences he went through as his identity was evolving as he was becoming an artist, alternating between singing and rapping.

Neolithic explained a little bit more about the choice of his name for this solo project: “Growing up with my name I’ve been referenced to the Matrix a lot. Neo’s task was to mess up the system so that’s what I’m gonna do. It’s also a kind of post-introduction-intro into my rap side with Lithic as an alter ego of Neolithic. It’s my own way of saying ‘Hey world, I’m ready, Let’s do this…’ you know?

He also used the occasion to tell a little bit more about his newest release of the groove-heavy single “Thots”: “This side of my music is really about letting loose and being free with yourself. The song really about is about feeling goofy, it’s also about some odd moments, particular sessions that I’ve had in the past. Thoughts of those memories – even the freshest – get you feeling good.

The Irish artist, Neolithic, has been active in the Irish scene for over a decade with his band but also with other projects. He is known for his talent as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and as well-known busker.

In his music, he is able to blend genres and influences to bring listeners a groove-heavy and truly engaging experience. Neolithic launched this solo project in order to satisfy his hunger for more flavors, so he could be able to experiment and fuse genres such as rap, hip-hop, jazz, lo-fi as well as indie.

Listen to Neolithic latest groove-heavy single “Thots” here:


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