Irish Producer Peter Vogelaar Releases ‘Felicity Breathes’ With Deaf Joe | Music News


Peter Vogelaar and Deaf Joe are going to leave you breathless with their newest collaboration on “Felicity Breathes”, a downtempo folktronica track reflecting about the end of a relationship.


Coming from the Irish city of Waterford, Peter Vogelaar is a producer and bassist whose works have been included in Spotify UK, Nialler9 and The Irish Assoc. of Songwriters, Composers & Authors (IASCA) playlists among others.


His 2016 powerful album The Science Of Summer features collaborations with artists like Katie Kim, Cat Dowling and Ken Lally. Vogelaar’s works have been licensed in popular TV shows such as How To Get Away With Murder on ABC.


Peter Vogelaar and his fellow Irishman Deaf Joe had already teamed up on The Science Of Summer so there is not surprise when their talents perfectly blend into their latest “Felicity Breathes”. About the track, Joe stated:“Lyrically I was thinking about that moment in a relationship when someone starts to ask questions about what’s going on”.


Felicity Breathes” captures the listener straight away, with a pulsating rhythm and engaging synths, as lyrically suggests people who are in relationships to enjoy the present day. You will have no choice but to put this song on replay after you hear it, so have your headphones ready as you click on the link below.


Listen to “Felicity Breathes” here:




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