Irish Rap Duo Tebi Rex Release Debut Album ‘The Young Will Eat The Old’ | Music News

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Irish Rap Duo Tebi Rex Release Debut Album ‘The Young Will Eat The Old’ | Music News


Unless you’ve been living under a sizeable, sound-proofed rock, you’ll probably be aware that the Irish hip-hop scene is undergoing somewhat of an uprising. At the forefront of the new surge are Tebi Rex, a hip hop duo consisting of Max Zanga and Matt O and whose recent back-catalogue glides through genres; ranging from bouncy, dubstep-lite pop to heavier alt rap tracks.


Tebi Rex have expanded the idea of a concept piece to their new album, The Young Will Eat The Old. The album centres around how we are all destined to be better than what came before us but also doomed to fall prey to their same mistakes. Inspired by Greek mythology, and the growing interest in Ireland’s music scene, the duo closely examine the potential for their own bleak future should they misstep in these early years of recognition.


A story in three acts, the album take us on the journey from the heady rise of its characters to the eventual crushing low. Max says – “It falls in three acts so there are versions of ourselves that are much further along in their lives. Essentially, it’s a hesitant prophecy”.


It is this kind of artistic finesse that has made the duo one of the most acclaimed names on the Irish music scene, with a string of high profile festival appearances and accolades such as being named one of 2FM’s Rising 2019 acts.


The self-declared “best live Irish hip-hop act” also made their UK debut this year at the Great Escape and are due to take to the stage in October for Ireland Music Week – where previous line-up acts have included Fontaines DC and Kojaque.


Listen to Tebi Rex’s The Young Will Eat The Old album below:




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