Is Fashion Waking Up To The Magnification Of Technology? | Fashion


The fashion world is ignoring the magnification of technology and staying with old habits of making and selling fashion. It seems retail is the only one pairing with technology thanks to online shopping, that offers an easier way to get the latest trends from the runway to your own apartment, allowing brands to sell directly and increase their earnings while presenting the entire collections and creating a more straightforward relationship with the buyer.


For fashion companies, it is a must to be equal in evolution with the Internet and technology, since it gives a larger platform for sales and interaction with the customers, which can also offer a more experienced and focus service having them happier with a non-complicated way to have access to the brand.


This is exactly the reason why people are speculating about Milan losing its spark. The fashion industry is so used to only seeing some brands on the runways and doing things exactly the same way as a decade ago, this, will eventually (if not, already) keep giving the same results in design, patterns, colors and even sales, without any innovation, its not giving the opportunity to new designers and this generation’s fresher ideas.


In this industry, the traditional tailoring and hand made bags will always have an impact, it’s a classic, and although it is a little absurd to wear a 3D printable dress, why not give it the opportunity to at least have the same advertising and acceptation just because it is different and a neat idea?


I do think brands will be forced to quit this exclusive way of selling clothing and have to provide easier access to their collections, because this is what is happening right now, and while I agree that a ‘Haute Couture’ dress can only be sold by it picking you, technology provides a way to be closer to a completely different market and to create a warmer relationship with their customers, making it easier for designers to know what their market is asking for.




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