Is Golf Gear Becoming A New Fashion Trend? | Fashion News

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Is Golf Gear Becoming A New Fashion Trend? | Fashion News


A loved up couple, Erica and Stephen Malbon, based in L.A have introduced a new store that has the intention to bring back golf gear as a trend. They’re hoping to incorporate the fashion trend into people’s every day life and hope that the younger generation will pick up the trend as they feel that golf is becoming less and less popular.





Their shop, which is called Malbon Golf, is on Fairfax avenue within the exciting city of L.A. There is a makeshift putting grass section on the floor of the shop and the shelves are stacked with golf items. There is a lot of references to the history to the sport, through the golf bags and other items found within the store.


The shop is also getting quite a bit of celebrity interest. With people such as Travis Scott and Justin Bieber being present within the store. With these icons being seen within the clothes the couple may just reach their goal with making many more aware of the fashion side of golf.





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