Is Netflix Getting Its Own News Show? | TV News

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Is Netflix Getting Its Own News Show? | TV News


Netflix is one of the most used video streaming services these days. It aims to give their subscribers a diversity of content to watch and they are eager to produce more and more of their own content. Now, new information is hinting to the possibility of a future project being their own weekly news show.


An anonymous source told MarketWatch, “Netflix has spotted a hole in the market for a current affairs TV show encompassing both sides of the political divide and are seeking to fill it.” Netflix didn’t answer their request for a comment on that statement. So maybe all the fuzz is for nothing in the end.


But this could fare a massive issue for the streaming service. Considering they just announced the news that Barack and Michelle Obama could get their own show, it would probably raise some voices calling their attempt ‘biased’. As America is more divided than ever regarding politics, it could seriously hurt Netflix to make such a show.


When you think about it, many people go to Netflix to watch whatever they want. No one will actually force them to watch this show, of course, but it could leave the intention to do so. When they release such a show, it may tarnish the illusion of fleeing the real world for a moment that it has created to some degree.



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