Is New Comedy ‘Black-ish’ The Black ‘Modern Family’? | TV News


Just when we thought that the so-called ‘black sitcom’ genre was becoming a thing of the past, a new show seems to be proving doubters wrong. Blackish (brave choice of name) is a new American sitcom that follows the life of the Johnsons, a black family living the good life out in the suburbs, but who have also (in father Andre’s opinion,) blended in a little too well. Cue Hip Hop Bar Mitzvahs, DIY African rite of passage ceremonies and a man on a mission to make his family more ‘black’!


Starring and produced by Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne, with Tracee Ellis Ross playing Anthony’s wife, Blackish is receiving positive reviews from all audiences and it’s only one episode in. Of course, the sitcom’s tongue-in-cheek take on stereotypes has also sparked race debates amongst online commenters, especially as it airs on the ABC network which is also home to the sitcoms Fresh Off The Boat (again, brave choice of name) and Cristella.


However on the whole Blackish appears to have a lot of potential and has already been likened to The Cosby Show – some pretty big shoes to fill but still a great compliment! Is this the return of ‘the successful black sitcom’? Hopefully it is… to be honest, anything besides another ‘Real-Housewives-of-Love-and-Hip-Hop’ type of show will do right now! Watch the trailer below and see what you think, you can also watch some clips of the first episode here.




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