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This is both a recurring and troubling question that ponders on the mind of many loyal fans of the Marvel franchise Ant-Man, on a day to day basis, who have doubts about whether Paul Rudd deserves to be casted in such an prestigious role. Paul Rudd’s status as a Hollywood star in the movie industry is barely existing as his body of work so far consists of rom-coms and poorly executed comedy films.


Paul Rudd is automatically dismissed by fans who feel he doesn’t suite the build or the characteristics of such an iconic figure and also lacks the screen presence that will help drive the Ant-Man films to greater lengths and bolder horizons. Paul Rudd simply doesn’t meet the high standards and demands that come with such a successful brand that is Marvel and is no way comparable to the other major stars within the Marvel franchise such as Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth. Both Downey Jr and Hemsworth are able to embody all the star qualties that a superhero needs to personify on screen, wherelse Paul Rudd unfortunately falls short of such a criteria.


Paul Rudd is not the first actor in motion picture history that was not the preferred choice when taking up a particular role. For example in The Graduate, Robert Redford was the ideal choice to be casted as Benjamin Braddock but instead the director of the film Mike Nichols decided to give the part to Dustin Hoffman, an actor who didn’t have great movie star looks but was still able to become the underdog protagonist against the odds. Sounds familiar because Rudd could ideally replicate the Hoffman effect and help establish himself as the antihero rather than conforming to the traditional hollywood archetype that we see often in all the other previous Marvel movies.


Only time will tell whether Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man will have the same resounding effect on the fans that Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man had seven years before. But if it all goes to plan, then no one again will dare question the judgement that Marvel Studios made when it decided to cast Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and truth be told, it will go down in movie history folklore and help relaunch Rudd’s career as a newly reformed movie heavyweight of the blockbuster era.



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