Is Ridley Scott Continuously Snubbed By The Hollywood Establishment? | Film News

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Is Ridley Scott Continuously Snubbed By The Hollywood Establishment? | Film News



Ridley Scott is one of the most highly accomplished filmmakers in the past 35 years but most recently prior to The Martian he has failed to win a major award in the past 15 years since Gladiator was released back in 2000. Meanwhile during that same period of time Ridley Scott’s contemporaries and fellow filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and George Lucas have received a long list of awards such as AFI Lifetime Achievement award, Cecil DeMille Lifetime Achievement award and Kennedy Centre Honours.


These examples are compelling evidence that Ridley Scott is not favoured in Hollywood with the added factor that he was recently snubbed a Best Director nomination at Oscars 2016 for The Martian. Its is difficult to understand why Ridley Scott is not receiving credit for helping to revolutionise the cinematic form with Blade Runner and Alien sequels expected to be released in the next few years.


Ridley Scott has always been well respected by Hollywood elites but recent events have casted a shadow over his career with many of his loyal fans wondering whether the Hollywood establishment has some kind of secret agenda against the British filmmaker. Hopefully Ridley Scott’s future ambitions and endeavours are not damaged long term as he continues to direct high quality films that are both Oscar worthy and are commercially successful at the box office.



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