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Is ‘Sex And The City’ Feminist? | TV News



Was Sex and the City a feminist show? It’s an age long question but Miranda Hobbes herself has given us her thoughts on the subject. In a discussion with ELLE editor-in-Chief Robbie Myers and writers Margo Jefferson and A.M. Homes, Cynthia Nixon addressed the subject saying “At the time that Sex and the City was out, there was a lot of very heated and interesting debate about the show and about whether the show was feminist or not,” Nixon said. “To all of us making the show, there was no doubt that the show was feminist. But…people think that if women are wearing a certain type of clothing, particularly with high heels, that ipso facto they’re not interested in anything else. And that’s just not [true]”.


Looking back on Sex and the City, it does promote the idea of a modern woman. A women who has sex, who’s career driven, who has strong female bonds and who has no desire to be a housewife. In the interview Nixon revealed that an interviewer once said that Miranda was the kind of woman who wanted it all to which she responded “I was like, ‘That could not be further from the truth, the thing that was really interesting about Miranda is that she neverthought about ‘having it all.’ She only thought about her career, and the fact that she ended up as a mother and the fact that she ended up as a wife was just an accident and a very kind of welcome accident”.


Whilst on the subject of women and female driven movies Nixon recalled that the studio felt hesitant about making a Sex and the City Movie since they felt it wouldn’t appeal to both genders. An idea that Nixon was quick to dismiss. “Women are interested in war the way men are interested in war. And men are interested in domestic life the way women are interested in domestic life, you know? We shouldn’t just think that because we’re doing something on a domestic level that men aren’t going to be interested. But also, by the way, there are enough of us that if they make a movie and only women come, it’s important to remember: that’s enough”.



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