Is Theatre-Trained Mark Rylance Ready For A New Career In Hollywood? | Film News

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Is Theatre-Trained Mark Rylance Ready For A New Career In Hollywood? | Film News



Last Sunday at Oscars 2016 their was one Oscar winner that surprised everybody on the night. That individual was indeed British actor Mark Rylance as he was awarded an Oscar for his best supporting actor performance in The Bridge of Spies.


It is best to describe Mark Rylance as an unlikely rising star in Hollywood especially with his acting background being mostly invested in theatre and not film. Rylance is hugely admired amongst his fellow acting peers on the theatre stage and if he does choose to swap the stage for the red carpet of Hollywood it would come as a shock and may even affect his credibility as an actor long term.


Hollywood has a negative reputation of being too blockbuster orientated and that the craft of acting is continuously being diminished within the American film industry especially with the introduction of CGI technology taking centre stage in most high profile movies.


Mark Rylance is confronted with a dilemma in his career as an actor either he stays put with the familiar which is theatre or he chooses to aspire the fame, fortune and wide appeal recognition that Hollywood is willing to offer him.


It is too difficult to be sure whether Rylance is completely committed in pursuing a career in Hollywood but with his next film The BFG directed by Steven Spielberg scheduled for a summer blockbuster release this year in 3D it seems his decision regarding his future career ambitions have already been made.



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