Isac Elliot – Tired Of Missing You | New Music


The very young Isac Elliot is back with his second single “Tired Of Missing You” from his upcoming second studio album Follow Me, scheduled to be released on digital retailers on November 7, 2014 via Sony Music Entertainment. The song starts with a short guitar solo following by an electronic pop backdrop. At the refrain, the guitar arrangements come back in, playing high-pitched chords and melodies, with a very strong energetic and electronic melody taking centre stage shortly afterwards. “Tired Of Missing You” is a happy track for the youngests to dance at the dance floor. Progressive mechanic sounds mix together with Isac Elliot´s voice creating a very good sensation. Its a perfect song to listen to in any situation – while playing sports, to dance to, or to get a very good humor in the mornings. Enjoy to the max this energetic and restless song.




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