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Isla – Kids Like Me | New Music


Isla is a New Zealand singer-songwriter who’s now based in Auckland. And she released her debut single “Kids Like Me” on October 8.


Isla bought her first ukulele with the money she received from winning her high school talent quest. It came to represent the beginning of her love for songwriting. Her biggest influences are Dodi, Flight of the Conchords, Kermit the frog, and her Dad. She’s an Indie pop/folk artist at heart.


Isla’s debut album Weirdo is to be dropped on the 29th of October. It’ll feature “a distorted ukelele solo and an aggressive standoff between a flute and a viola “. And to give you an idea of her work she said, “My songs are written mostly for the ukulele in a sort of ‘dear diary’ format“.


The name of her album comes from the fact her music is often associated with the word ‘quirky’, which she takes as a compliment. This singer wants to share in her music, the fact that you’re not the only awkward person on the planet.


Her debut single “Kids Like Me” doesn’t seem to be quirky, it’s just original. She has a beautiful voice, which is accentuated by her excellent vocal technique. It’s absolutely not monotonous thanks to the blend of guitar, violin, and flute. Every instrument has its own solo to great effect.


It’s a confident and joyful track, listen to it here:




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