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Singer and songwriter Naama Guggenheim from Israel has released her latest electronic soul single “SOS”. In the thrilling song Naama deals with the toxic relationship with her homeland which is included in her next EP, set to come out in 2020.


The singer-songwriter was born and raised in 3 different continents and grew up in Tel Aviv, such as Bern and Cleveland. She has been traveling and touring her entire life. In her career as a singer she already did multifaceted projects for example a performance at The Vatican, a Jeff Buckley Tribute and in a gospel choir.


Moreover she participated at several records and wrote music for a few on-going projects – L.A. Based NVAK Foundation amongst them. Naama’s style is a unique mixture of gentle electronic sounds with soulful vocal lines.


The young artist stands out above all with catchy melodies and powerful lyrics that she expresses with her matchless deep voice. Furthermore she stands up for genuine femininity and is well known for honest, emotive songwriting.


While working on “SOS” Naama was affected by the gobble pandemic, but she managed to find hope in sounds and creativity. Even though her song is dealing with her complicated and toxic relationship with Israel, the song is not intended to be a political reference. 

“While executing my right to protest these past few weeks I came across a sign with the phrase: “Israel, we’re in a toxic relationship” My heart froze.” Naama explains.


“You don’t know you’re in one until you’re out of one. You don’t know you’re in one until you process what you went through and now we’re processing it as a nation.We’re processing it globally. And we’re fully awake” she states out more detailed. 


“SOS” comes with a great tension, eclectic drums and guitar riffs that express Naama’s inner conflicts and feelings very well. Listen to the song below.




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