‘It Follows’ Director To Pen Feature Adaptation Of Horror-Thriller ‘They Hear It’ | Film News


David Robert Mitchell, director of It Follows and the upcoming Under The Silver Lake, has been tapped to adapt the horror short film They Hear It. Mitchell will pen the script but not direct the film. Those duties will be handled by Julian Terry, the director of the original short which was first seen earlier this year.


The story revolves around a mysterious presence known as ‘The Sound’ that, once heard by anyone, has terrible consequences. Reportedly Alfred Hitchcock‘s The Birds and Stephen King‘s IT have been cited as major inspirations for the film.


Legendary Pictures picked up the rights to the short in July and have moved quickly on adapting it into a feature. It’s great that they’re keeping Terry on board to adapt his own short into a full-length work, but the focus here will be on Mitchell, who burst onto the horror scene in 2014 with It Follows, though he had previously made a small but excellent film titled The Myth Of The American Sleepover in 2010.


But it was It Follows that has got people excited for this project, and his upcoming directorial follow up, Under The Silver Lake, which debuted at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and is set to be released Friday, December 7 by A24. If either of these projects he’s involved in can match the palpable dread of It Follows, we could be in for something special.



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