‘IT’ Producer Teams With Paramount Players For Border Town Thriller | Film News

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‘IT’ Producer Teams With Paramount Players For Border Town Thriller | Film News


Paramount Players, IT producer Roy Lee and Emile Gladstone have teamed up for an untitled border town thriller. Colin Minihan, the up-and-coming filmmaker behind acclaimed indie horror What Keeps You Alive, will direct the film. Stacey Menear has written the script. He previously wrote horror film The Boy.


The film revolves around a family living in a border town. A girl from outside of town arrives to bury her grandmother, and is forced to face her childhood fear. Few other plot details are currently available, but the film is described as “scary”, which leads one to believe it will lean closer towards the horror genre.


Lee obviously has a good track record, helping IT become the highest grossing horror film of all time. Gladstone recently produced The Curse Of La Llorona. The film – a part of the Conjuring universe – was made for just $9 million, but grossed a very impressive $121 million worldwide.


We’ll wait and see what Minihan can do with the material. What Keeps You Alive is underseen but full of solid chills. It focuses on a female married couple attempting to celebrate their one-year anniversary, only to become engulfed by the strange horrors of the mountains and lakes surrounding their ostensibly idyllic getaway.


Hopefully he can bring the same impressive atmosphere to this project.



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