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Italian luxury brand Valentino have just unveiled their 2021 Pre-Fall collection, designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli. As with his previous collection, Piccioli is still in the mindset of taking the brand to a new era and redefining their identity, exploring thoughts about humanity, radicalism, and many more current subjects.


Regards the collection, the colour palette and the materials, this collection is very modern and wearable by anybody who wants to feels empowered by clothes. With some modern cuts, brights colors and the richness of the materials, this collection puts forward the Italian know-how.


We have some bright colors, like greens, reds (for the famous Valentino flamingo dress) yellows but also more neutral-toned ones, as well as floral patterns, leopard designs and studded accessories. Their sneakers offer a very modern touch, while their classic Valentino bags paired with multi-material jackets really bring added dimension to the outfit itself. It is really an all-day collection and you can find your outfit for day or night.


For this collection, Piccioli chose not only a modern design for the clothes, but it also had a full Italian cast, with some who are models and others who aren’t, but all young women who have a story to tell – they had to have something to tell when wearing the clothes.


The collection has a series of individual pieces underlining the uniqueness, to put forward the non-clichéd humanity of each woman and her non-stereotyped representation of femininity.


As Piccioli explains in his collection: “Models for me are individuals, person. […] The whole cultural discourse about inclusivity, accepting and enhancing diversities, and the freedom of expressing oneself—it’s just about putting humanity front and center as a non-negotiable social, political, and personal value“.


The collection was shot in the Roman palazzo, and here, the goal was to give an homage to Valentino’s culture of couture according to Vogue.


I think the goal of redefinition and giving more humanity and modernity to the fashion world has been done quite well for the Italian brand. Identity and codes are important and Piccioli understood that.


Please find below, some of the outfits from this beautiful and modern collection.




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