ITV Introduces New Period Drama ‘Doctor Thorne’ | TV News



Sunday nights just got a little more interesting, the BBC and ITV fight for viewers getting a little more bitter with John le Carre’s spy thriller The Night Manager up against Julian Fellowes’ Doctor Thorne for the viewers pleasure.


Sunday evenings usually have the most extravagant offers, ITV for a long time offering the show Downton Abbey in the 9pm battle slot. Such a time slot has come back into focus with the introduction of ITV’s Doctor Thorne going up against the BBC’s The Night Manager.


Both have a secret weapon, the actor Tom Hollander starring as the sinister sidekick of Roper in The Night Manager and now revealed to be playing the main in Doctor Thorne, has ITV hoping that the show will save their flagging Sunday viewing figures as well as filling the gap left by Downton Abbey.



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