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Rising disco house sensation, Ivan Dorn has released his latest single and goodness is it damn smooth.


Such A Bad Surprise” is definitely not what comes to mind when listening to this song. A heady mix of jazz, funk, disco groove, hip-hop vibes, Dorn’s new track is a whole melting pot of sounds, but it works so well.

In some ways, “Such A Bad Surprise” could easily become a bit overwhelming to listen to at first.


But no.


That hasn’t happened here and Dorn’s silky smooth and soulful vocals just sews the track altogether.


Hailing from Ukraine, Dorn is just as interesting in person as his innovative and unique sound.


In 2011, Dorn became an overnight sensation with his debut album Co’n’Dorn, a unique blend of 90s house, pop, nu-disco, funk and free jazz that came as a breath of fresh air during the suffocation of the Eastern European pop scene.


Such a strong sound catapulted the 23 year old into the spotlight and his fashion forward style, controversial public appearances and charming personality made him the name on everyone’s lips.


From then on he has been filling arenas all over Europe, becoming a judge on The Voice Ukraine and now, at 28, Dorn has moved to LA to record his first English Language album. If it’s anything like his past work, we have a lot to prepare and be excited for.


But for now, have a listen to Ivan Dorn’s addictive new track, “Such A Bad Surprise” below.




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