Ivory Layne – Committed | Music Video


Another talented, pink and glamourous artist that gives a voice to female empowerment! Ivory Layne is a classical style singer, with strong potential that has allowed her the opportunity to become part of important projects.


Born and raised in Denver, she started writing very early and caught the attention of Grammy award-winning producer Ed Cash in 2011, after posting demos online from her bedroom. This collaboration led to the release of her first EP, Volume One, in 2013.


On the record, she demonstrates versatility and smooth vocals, which eventually got her to be signed to Justin Timberlake‘s artist development company Villa40.


Her music is flavored with her influences, especially Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Coldplay, and Imogen Heap, while an authenticity unique to Layne.


The official video of her latest single “Committed” is finally out and features an explosion of colours: Ivory is in different rooms and her style perfectly matches with the colours of the detailing and furniture, from pink, to yellow, green and red stripes.


The lyrics are provocative and natural; written in Nashville and produced in London; the song is about the situation of a girl that is free and happy, who doesn’t need the company of anyone else and doesn’t want love compromises.


The agenda of this young artist seems really busy: a tour in the US in August, and she’s planning to release new music this summer…don’t let Ivory out of your sight, or better, ears.




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