Izzie Gibbs + Donae’O – Chillin | Music Video


Izzie Gibbs and Donae’O come together to produce a banger titled “Chillin”. Throughout the song, they express how they’re on a “Netflix and chill” vibe, and with Maniac on the production providing a fire beat, and Kye Taliana behind the camera, it was due to be a solid video.


Izzie is really on the come up this year and has once again demonstrated his lyrical ability on this tune, whilst Donae’O does what he does best and kills the hook. Izzie describes part of the creative process by stating “Maniac blessed me with the fire riddim I knew it was SICK but when I sent it to Donae’o and he sent the chorus back in like 20 mins, that FULLY gassed me and I banged it out straightaway




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