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Izzy Bizu is an artist that can convert someone’s music taste in one song, If you’re not a fan of Jazz or Soul or Pop, you need to listen to her work. Releasing her debut EP Coolbeanz in 2013, Izzy continues to release music that captures her talent. It is full of chilled out songs, unique songwriting and amazing vocals. Tracks like “Butterflies” and “Broken Man” are perfect for listening at high volume with headphones or relaxation time in a warm bath.


The last track on the EP “White Tiger” seems to stick out the most, with its poppy sound, and the introduction to new instruments (or is it the finger snaps?), and Izzy’s vocals just make it. The newest track from Izzy Bizu comes in the form of “Diamonds“, a full band behind her really gives something extra to the overall sound, whilst keeping aspects of her early work. Izzy is sure to continue to achieve a great deal in the career ahead of her, we need more jazzy artist out there! Listen to “Diamonds” from Izzy Bizu down below.




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