J Balvin Teases Personal And Fearless New Album | Music News


J Balvin has dropped a new single called “Ma’ G”, which is the first song of his upcoming fifth studio album. He first performed it during his friend Canelo Álvarez’s walk to the ring in his match against Avni Yildirim, and he just followed it up with the music video.


Speaking about the upcoming album, he has said, “This new album is all about me, it’s the first time I’m going to talk about personal stuff”, so we have a clue that this will be a very personal project.


He added that, “I’m definitely trying to just elevate every single aspect of myself with this album. You have to compete with yourself. It’s about trying to get better and better, and being fearless about it”. Even though the album is personal and different, the artist will keep repping reggaeton because that is his true nature.


The decision to reveal the song with the help of Álvarez, a celebrity from Mexico and the world’s number one ranked active boxer, represented the “solidarity and strength of the global Latin movement”, he also mentioned, while confirming over the phone to Rolling Stone that his album is going to be released very soon.


Together with a new son and two albums on the way, he has also released a new line of merchandise with 747 and La Plaga to support the new single. Only hours before, he also announced he was releasing a new other song for the Pokémon Company’s 25th anniversary compilation album.



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