J Dilla + Nas – The Sickness | Music Video

J Dilla 28.04.2016ANDREW


J Dilla’s The Diary, released almost a fortnight ago, has been an on-off project for many years now. Here is an iTunes bonus track for the album, a highly anticipated collaboration with Nas, titled “The Sickness”.


The track has a cyclical and relentless bass and synthesiser riff, and a demonic voice cues the first verse, from Dilla. His style seemingly has Jay Z esque exhalations. Come Nas, it could be perceived his flow is faster than usual. No third verse, but maybe that is for the sake of keeping the listener wanting more.


Regarding the visuals, the video kicks off with a cassette being put into a tape deck. Daresay a very oldschool way to open proceedings. Things from then on get a bit crazy, a mixture of animation and real time music video with a kaleidoscope of colour that is very trippy.




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