J Dilla’s Long Lost 2002 Album ‘The Diary’ To Be Released | Music News

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The Estate of James Yancey has revived J Dilla’s company PayJay as a functioning imprint to release Dilla’s long lost vocal album, The Diary. The album will be released of on April 15, in conjunction with Mass Appeal Records. The album was initially intended for release in 2002, and is the final of the unissued material that he had assembled for release during his lifetime. You can currently listen to the lead track via Rolling Stones here.


The press release says of The Diary:


“The Diary was Dilla’s attempt to take advantage of the attention afforded him after his brightest period as a behind-the-scenes hit-maker and influencer. However, the project stalled and the album was literally shelved, the reels languishing in storage in Detroit as a relocated Dilla began a creative renaissance in Los Angeles. The Diary in this, its final form, was painstakingly assembled over a ten year period from two-track mixdowns and multi-track masters found in J Dilla’s archives after his death in 2006”.



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