J.J. Abrams Planning Return To TV With New Sci-Fi Series | TV News


While J.J. Abrams has spent the best part of the last decade being the go-to guy for studios wanting to reboot old, beloved franchises such as Star Wars and Star Trek, he got his start in television, creating shows such as Alias, Felicity, Lost and Fringe. And according to a THR report, Abrams is planning to return to TV quite soon.


The filmmaker reportedly has a spec script he is shopping around to networks, and it’s reportedly a sci-fi series that currently has HBO and Apple locked in a bidding war, though Abrams is open to other buyers as well.


Currently going under the working title Demimonde – continuing Abrams’ streak of shows titled with just a single word – the script revolves around a family headed by the mother, a scientist, who all get in a terrible car crash.


After the mother wakes up in a coma, her daughter begins digging through her experiments and winds up transporting herself to a another land currently in a huge battle against a monstrous force.


While Abrams has been executive producer on many recent TV series, this would be his first major jump back to the small screen since his name became synonymous with the new Star Wars franchise.


Of course, he still has Episode IX to direct, which could put this potential series on hold for a while, while he’s also involved in the potential Quentin Tarantino-directed Star Trek project and the expanding Cloverfield universe.


But, if we’ve learned anything about Abrams over the years, it’s that he’s a workaholic not dissuaded by being involved in multiple projects at once. Whoever wins the bidding war is bound to be paying a hefty sum to Abrams, so he’ll likely get plenty of time and creative freedom to make the potential series whenever he wants.



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