J.K Rowling’s ‘Casual Vacancy’ TV Series Begins Filming This Summer | TV News

‘Casual Vacancy’ TV series will begin filming this summer


J.K Rowling’s Casual Vacancy will begin filming for the TV series set to air on BBC One this summer. HBO will co-produce the show alongside the BBC so that fans in America can also watch the mini-series across the pond. The filming will take place in South West England with no specific cities confirmed yet.


Casual Vacancy is set in a small town called Pagford in England, where local man Barry Fairbrother dies suddenly in his early forties. In Pagford the rich are against the poor, teenagers fighting their parents, wives going against their husbands and teachers battling with students, but the small town is not what it seems. Rowling will serve as executive producer for the series alongside her agent Neil Blair, under her production company Bronte Film and Television.



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