J.Lately Releases ‘Out The Window’ Featuring Gavlyn | Music News


J.Lately has teamed up with Gavlyn for their new song titled “Out The Window” produced by Trey C. This is the first time the two artists have collaborated on a song, however their chemistry is natural and seems perfectly made to be added above the calm yet driving melodies and drum patterns from the track.


On the hook, Lately melodically states “I’ll be on the move with a coin flip, on the go with a joint lit, ain’t bout to waste my time with annoying shit, let it all out the window”.


This echoes the theme J.lately wants to pursue throughout his forthcoming album Winnebago, which evokes the desire to continue to move towards the things that we want in life and leave behind those which we don’t. This is a theme that we also find in Gavlyn’s lyrics “take the time to focus if you want to fix a blurr, the world is yours baby if you want a change [to] occur”.


If your playlist usually involves alternative, vibey, positive boom bap rap, then “Out The Window” will certainly meet your expectations and find its place there.


J.Lately can be characterized by his soulful style and laid back flow, as well as his ability to make you contemplate and vibe out simultaneously. He draws his influence from electric and mesh which he blends effortlessly to create his own unique style. A relentless drive has kept Lately on tour across the country with artists such as Zion I, Andre Nickatina, Locksmith and A-Plus of the Hieroglyphics.


“Out The Window” is the final single that J.Lately is releasing off his upcoming album Winnebago before it drops on March 12, listen to it below.




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