Jack Garratt – Breathe Life | Music Video

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Jack Garratt – Breathe Life | Music Video



One of the biggest rising stars of modern day music, Jack Garratt, has just released his stunning single “Breathe Life” and a fantastic music video to compliment it. Garratt has been kept very busy since the ‘get-go’, releasing two EPs and multiple singles, supporting the likes of Mumford & Sons and now MS MR and VERITE. However, it is his own unique sound which truly leaving his mark on this world.


Solely pinpointing his musical position in the indie scene would be insulting, as this multi-instrumentalist cleverly infuses a variety of genres, including R&B grooves and electronic beats. This single “Breathe Life”, throws everything at listener beginning with a seductively smooth R&B template with an underlying promise of something building. When the promise is fulfilled, the cool funk and piano chorus is introduced beckoning you to sing along.


Eventually, the song builds with excitement, pace and power as the electronic element of Garratt’s style takes over. Visually speaking, the video features a very calm and suave Garratt floating in a clear blue lake. Garratt seems to keep his cool throughout the video, remaining in a chilled state, despite a team of synchronized swimmers splashing around him.


Garratt tells Billboard The story behind the video for ‘Breathe Life’ is best left to the imaginations of the people who watch it. A man is lost and gets found by something that he may or may not have wanted to find him“. Garratt’s full-length debut album Phase will be out on February 19 via Island Records. To watch the single for “Breathe Life”, click below:




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