‘Jackass’ Meets Theme Park At ‘Action Point’ | Film Trailer

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‘Jackass’ Meets Theme Park At ‘Action Point’ | Film Trailer


Johnny Knoxville comes to the big screen again! After Bad Grandpa, Action Point will be the next film with stunts that could be directly out of Jackass. No stunt doubles needed in this one – of course, they do all the things themselves! The idea of the park is real after all. The inspiration for this one was the Action Park in New Jersey.


The plot is quite simple. Action Park is a theme park with probably the lowest safety standards, run by owner ‘D.C.’. When a new and better theme park opens and threatens to put them out of business, they pull out all the stops. Not only to save his park but also to save the relationship with his teenage daughter.



The film also stars Chris Pontius, Dan Bakkedahl, Matt Schulze, Eleanor Worthington-Cox, Johnny Pemberton, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Joshua Hoover, Conner McVicker, and Eric Manaka. It hits the big screen on June 1.



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