Jackie Aina Crowned Glamour Magazine Power Influencer Of The Year | Fashion News


As part of their latest ‘Women Of The Year… All Year’ special, Glamour Magazine has named Beauty Influencer Jackie Aina as their 2019 ‘Power Influencer Of The Year’.


Being an influencer is a competitive and hard field where getting followers is an everyday struggle. A few of them actually can make a living with their social media life.


Nigerian American Jackie Aina is well-known for her beauty tips, her sense of humour and friendly personality, and thanks to her impressive video channels, she has achieved more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.2 million followers on Instagram.


The social media star’s friendly smile and her continuous jokes have made her incredibly viral. “What if people really got to see how weird and crazy I am?”, she told Glamour Magazine last year. Well, we can say that showing her solely version she has increased her followers. Check it out for yourself with her ‘Doing Makeup With My Baby’ vlog, one of her videos with the most views.



Aina use her voice with the intent to create change instead. She criticised brands that do not have inclusive values and highlight the importance of the colourism in the industry. “I truly mean this wholeheartedly, whenever I talk about brands, I want them to actually implement that feedback and use it to their benefit”. The influencer push the other brands to be more inclusive and her voice always has power.









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