Jackie Chan Takes On Darker Role In ‘The Foreigner’ | Film Trailer


Jackie Chan sets out on a journey of vengeance in the latest trailer for action-thriller The Foreigner, based on the 1992 Stephen Leather novel The Chinaman.


Jackie Chan is known for his martial arts skills and stunt work in action movies. However, his latest venture The Foreigner sees him play a different kind of protagonist; he’s not smiling and saving the day, but seeking revenge on those who destroyed his family.


Martin Campbell, most notable for his work on Casino Royale and Goldeneye, directs, and yet The Foreigner is much more reminiscent of Taken than Bond. The clichéd vengeance-for-my-daughter trope drives the film as Quan (Chan) aims to track down the IRA terrorists who killed his girl; in every scene you could easily substitute Liam Neeson for the lead.


Pierce Brosnan, ex-007, stars alongside Chan as the everything-to-hide government official.


Despite the obvious tropes within the film, the trailer showcases a piece that will still keep audiences on the edge of their seats, and large audiences I’m sure they’ll be.


The Foreigner will premiere in theatres on October 13. Catch the trailer below.




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