Jackson Penn – Babylon | Music Video


Jackson Penn, or Freddy Wexler as he is formally known as, has just released exclusively to Billboard his brand new music video for his first single “Babylon“.


This marks the first time being in front of the camera for the singer, who up until now had only co-written songs for famous artists such as DNCE, Selena Gomez, Kanye West and Post Malone.


This marks a change of direction for Penn, who can now fully display his musical talent. The visuals for the video, reminiscent of Sia‘s “Elastic Heart” video concept, frame a hopeless Penn searching for his lost love. “Babylon”, a sweet, light-pop anthem about love and second chances could easily become the next pop hit, following in the steps of Shawn Mendes‘s heart-wrenching, tear jerking ballads.


Ironically, if things go right for Penn, he could find himself performing alongside the people he used to write for. Such is the case of Australian musician Sia, who, before becoming herself a pop sensation and a hit-delivering singer, used to pen songs for the likes of Flo Rida and Rihanna.


As Penn himself has bluntly stated, it’s all about writing “from a really honest perspective of who I am”. Music is something highly personal, and as the Sias of this world have already proved, the only way to convince the audience of what you are singing is to let them know that it comes from a place that matters to you.


Watch Penn’s debut single below:




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