Jade Bird – I Get No Joy | New Music


Is nineties music making a return? And by that I mean nineties rock, not classic RnB.


Jade Bird released her new track “I Get No Joy”, and I’m getting serious Rasputina vibes from her. The song has a similar beat to Transylvanian Concubine”, twisted with fresher countrified vibes, so Jade is set to be big this 2019.


The return of band music is seriously something we’ve been lacking in music for the past few years, and I’m hoping there are a few more bands like this that make it to the charts.


With similar vocals to Bif Naked, Jade can’t go wrong. And it’ll only be a matter of time before her name becomes a household one.


She also has an upcoming album releasing on April 19, self titled The Debut Album, so if you like this song, be sure to check that out when it releases.


Listen here:




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