Jaden Smith – Watch Me | Music Video


Like a photo editor sliding the hue bar on Photoshop, Jaden Smith‘s dazzling new video for “Watch Me” begins with the video’s setting – a Californian desert – changing colour. From green, to purple, to turquoisey-blue, it’s clear that this video is going to be well-produced (thanks, in part, to directer Shomi Patwary) and very easy on the eye. A catchy guitar riff soon eases us further into the video, injecting some energy into the piece.


Smith, with the leather get-up and unique style overall, is the final element that really makes the video, and the visuals are polished with a particularly thick layer of “cool”.


Watch Jaden Smith tear it up in “Watch Me” below:



Feature image taken from the music video for “Watch Me”.



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