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Jake Gyllenhaal, one of the most respected actors around, is teaming up with Michael Bay, one of the most (unfairly) disrespected directors, for an action project.


Bay has his problems, but he’s always had the filmmaking chops most of his action imitators can’t even touch. So even when he’s wallowing in an eighth Transformers movie, there’s always something formally interesting to be found.


So this should be a pretty interesting collaboration. The film is reportedly a remake of the 2005 Danish thriller Ambulance. Chris Fedak has written the script, and Bay is reportedly fast-tracking the project, although right now no distribution deal is in place.


The original Ambulance is a one-location thrill ride, set entirely in a single ambulance and following four characters in real time. Unsurprisingly, it’s been compared to Speed, and Bay’s version has already been compared to his debut feature, Bad Boys. Maybe that’s an indication this is more of a two-hander, and we’re just waiting for another big name to join the cast and star alongside Gyllenhaal.


This could go any number of ways. It could turn into some glorious Bayhem like Armageddon or The Rock (or who knows, the dumb-but-secretly-smart Pain & Gain), or it could end up like one of Bay’s big messes, which unfortunately includes his latest effort, the Netflix movie 6 Underground.


What we can surely confirm is that there will be action pouring out of every orifice of the film. Bay is not yet at the point of his career where he feels the need to get serious. We’ll now wait to hear who else might jump on board.


Gyllenhaal’s other upcoming project include Denis Villeneuve‘s highly-anticipated Dune, and a role alongside Oscar Isaac in Francis & The Godfather.



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