Jake Gyllenhaal To Star In WWII Drama ‘The Lost Airman’ | Film News

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Jake Gyllenhaal To Star In WWII Drama ‘The Lost Airman’ | Film News


Jake Gyllenhaal has signed on for his next project. Gyllenhaal is set to star in and produce the WWII drama The Lost Airman. Amazon Studios will produce the film, having recently purchased the rights for the book The Lost Airman, A True Story of Escape from Nazi-Occupied France written by Seth Meyerowitz.


The book tells the true story of Arthur Meyerowitz, an American turret-gunner whose B-24 bomber was gunned down over France in 1943. While stowed away, he befriends the leader of the legendary French resistance group Morhange, Marcel Talliander, who helps shelter him from the Gestapo. The book and film are based on recently declassified materials, to add an extra layer of intrigue to everything.


Gyllenhaal is one of the finest working actors, and anything he’s in is usually a safe bet to be at least competent (let’s not talk about Life). There’s so many WWII stories to be told and so many films that sometimes it’s tricky to know which are going to be something special and which will be a forgettable rehash of war tropes we’ve seen before.


Gyllenhaal’s presence immediately makes this worth keeping an eye on. Well before any production for The Lost Airman gets underway, Gyllenhaal will be part of an ensemble cast in Bong Joon-Ho‘s Okja, which is released to all Netflix territories Wednesday, June 28.



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