Jalal Al-Din Rumi Biopic And ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Face Allegations Of Whitewashing | Film News

Jalal Al Din Rumi


Two more cases of necessary arguments over the very modern issue of white washing. A biopic of 13th Century Persian poet Jalal Al-Din Rumi and the upcoming reboot of Spider-Man are this week’s films-to-rant-about, on trial by many for white washing what are typically ethnic roles in favour of white actors.


First into the stand is the biopic of Jalal Al-din Rumi, with Gladiator screenwriter David Franzoni working on the film he hopes will challenge Muslim stereotypes in the US. However a white American, Leonardo DiCaprio – alongside Robert Downey Jr – is playing the lead role, right, this one should be a doozy. He commented:


It’s a very exciting project – and obviously challenging, there are a lot of reasons we’re making a product like this right now. I think it’s a world that needs to be spoken to; Rumi is hugely popular in the US. I think it gives him a face and a story”.


Second into the ring comes the new reboot of Spiderman, who has come under fire for casting a white actor as an American Korean. Not as big as David Franzoni’s issues with whom he wants to cast but still, this one should also be a doozy.



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