Jamaican Rap Artist Yabba Releases New Single ‘Memories’

Atlanta-based Jamaican rapper Yabba has released a brand new song titled “Memories”. This track has Yabba sharing her deepest thoughts and reflecting about them while creating this song. She makes use of a serious backdrop to show the listeners what goes on someone’s mind, as not all thoughts are gravy or bright.

Bringing this realisation into a song, she gives us a soft music with piano chords and her soulful vocals that embrace the song into a faster paced sound that are accompanied by meaningful lyrics.

Growing up in Jamaica, Yabba pulls inspiration from her past experiences and uses her narrative skills and valued lyricism to draw attention to the injustices of life. Her unique and almost child-like perspective is surrounded by the significance of pain, trauma, death and cycles of injustice that plagues her community.

With the help of her past experiences, she is able to create scenarios and numerous scenes for the listeners to enjoy. She uses the scenes and builds up a story that unfolds when she raps.

Through a fusion of Hip-hop, Reggae and R&B, Yabba hypnotises an entire audience and keeps them at the edge of their seats, captivated by her talent and musical genius. After accomplishing her goals in the music industry, she plans to continue educating, healing and in essence giving back everything her community gave her.

Listen to “Memories” here:


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