Following the release of his debut EP The Calling, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter James Deacon has unveiled a moving and throbbing new single titled “HERO aka Rich”. James is only 22 years old, but has already achieved a great success. Indeed, the artist has topped the 5FM Indie Chart, shared songs in significant Apple Music and Spotify playlists and appeared on Indie Shuffle, CLASH, Earmilk and Record of the Day.


His new single “HERO aka Rich” is fairly catchy and energetic, thanks to a powerful bass line, drums and vocals. James’s voiceprint is original and easily recognizable, while lyrics perfectly convey the message of this personal song.


Indeed, the track is about brotherhood, in particular, about James’ relationship with his brother. He has recently stated: “This song is a very important one for me. I wrote this song about my relationship with my brother that went from an inseparable bond and a decade worth of good times and life shaping events to an abrupt end in a fiery mess of emotions“.


As he explained, writing this song required time: “The track has changed about 100 times since I first wrote it. The longer you sit with a song that really means something, the more it will adapt and change and take on a life of its own, and in this case if I played you the first draft you wouldn’t recognise it” James said.


Moreover, he added: “The beauty of this, for me, is that in our live shows we play this song more in the style that the song started off in. So if you know this track from the live show, you will be pleasantly surprised by this one”.


While waiting for James’ performance at Musexpo, the lauded international music and media conference, in Los Angeles in 2020, listen to “HERO aka Rich” below:




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