James Dean Biopic ‘Life’ Confirms Dean’s Cultural Icon Status | Film News



With the recent release of the biopic film Life starring Dane Deehan and Robert Pattinson, the main subject at hand is James Dean and how he still remains a celebrated icon to this day. James Dean was a well known method actor of his generation whom made a name for himself as the rebellion that epitomised the cool bad boy image on the silver screen.


In all three of his films James Dean was always portrayed and categorised as the ultimate outcast whom was unable to fit in with the rest of society. James Dean was a symbolic individual that stood up against the hollywood establishment and in the meantime helped create a movement that went on to inspire further generations of acting talent which include Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall.


Dean still remains a cultural phenomenon and an influential figurehead that represents how the motion picture industry has changed for the better especially in regards to the traditional leading man archetype. He may have become a romanticised myth after his sudden death in 1955 but the influence that one such individual has created cannot be overlooked as the 24 year old actor still remains a well recognised brand for the American Film industry.


Hollywood stars such as Dean and Marilyn Monroe are a rarity and don’t occur very often so these iconic individuals must be revered and respected at the same time for they are irreplaceable and unique in their contribution to American popular culture and will continue to remain influential for the considerable future.



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