James Franco And Mila Kunis Star In ‘The Color Of Time’ | Film Trailer


In spite of gaining production rights over two years ago, The Colour of Time written and directed by twelve New York University students and starring James Franco has remained seemingly unnoticed by the public. However, a new trailer for the upcoming film has now been released showcasing some intriguing visuals and an ensemble cast that could be just the incentive to gain much needed attention. Also starring Jessica Chastain, Zack Braff, Mila Kunis and Bruce Campbell, The Colour of Time is loosely based on the life of Pulitzer Prize winner C.K. Williams (Franco), as he recalls heartfelt and haunting memories of his past.


The trailer does well to set a nostalgic and dream-like atmosphere as the striking visuals reminiscent of a Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life) film glide across the screen. The narrative is executed through vignettes, which despite direction from multiple filmmakers flows naturally and feels connected and coherent. As the montage of images set in and Franco’s character narrates, the trailer depicts events accounting for C.K. Williams’s life in a harmonious and poetic tone, whilst simultaneously illustrating the strength of its ensemble cast.


After viewing the trailer several times, I believe that the film holds more promise than it has been given credit for. The beautiful and ambitious shots present throughout can only be truly appreciated through watching the trailer, so make sure you check it out below! And if you are interesting in seeing the film in its entirety, Starz Digital Media will be releasing it on iTunes on December 2, and a limited release will begin December 12.


Some memories define us… but others consume us




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