James Franco To Adapt Chuck Palahniuk Novel ‘Rant’ | Film News


Actor and director James Franco has set his sights on another literary project this week as he announced yesterday that he has optioned the rights to Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk’s book >Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey. The best selling novel sees high school degenerate Buster “Rant” Casey escape to the big city and divulge in violent demolition derbies, also known as Party Crashing. Subsequently loosing his life, the story takes structure as an oral biography told by the memories of his friends.


Although nothing is confirmed at this point, Franco has shown interest in having Pamela Romanowsky to write and direct the film, and it has also been rumoured that the Spring Breakers star is very keen on taking on the lead role. So far only two Palahniuk novels have been adapted into feature films, one of those being David Fincher’s Fight Club which has garnered a huge cult following, and the 2008 film Choke. It will be interesting to see what direction this adaptation will assume, but the biggest concern here for fans of the novel is whether or not Franco can deliver the good and do Palahniuk’s anti-hero the justice he deserves.



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