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James Hetfield Says Metallica Will Not Retire | Music News



Although it has been seven long years after Metallica‘s latest album Death MagneticJames Hetfield has hinted that the American band is not considering retirement as an option for the future.


While talking to So What!, the band’s club newsletter, Hetfield had this to say about the hypothesis of retiring from music: “Look, musicians never retire. They just become less popul. People think you’ve retired, but no, I’m still writing. It’s a part of me. It’s what I do on this planet. That’s why I’ve been put here, I believe. And if I stop that, part of me dies. There’s no retirement. So we do what we do until physically we can’t do it“.


The frontman has also said that the band is not rushing for the next album and that they are still working through the material, in order to deliver “the best thing at the right time, whenever that right time is“.



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