James Mangold & Taylor Sheridan To Collaborate On ‘Disorder’ Remake | Film News


Two artists are about to take advantage of their current in-demand standing and team up. Director James Mangold, fresh off the massive success of Logan, and writer Taylor Sheridan, having written two of the most acclaimed scripts of the past two years in Sicario and Hell Or High Water, will collaborate to remake the 2015 French thriller Disorder.


The original film was written and directed by Alice Wincour (Mustang), and starred Matthias Schoenaerts as an ex-special forces officer hired to protect the wife and son of a wealthy entrepreneur, while dealing with post traumatic stress disorder.


Which pretty much sounds like perfect material for a director who recently examined PTSD and reluctant heroism in his most recent film, and a writer who has excelled with equally gritty yet introspective work thus far.


Reportedly, Mangold jumped on the project as soon as he read Sheridan’s script. Sheridan usually writes original pieces but took Wincour’s film as a starting point and moved some pieces around, such as changing the setting and “adding a potential franchise character,” because we can’t make a film that doesn’t have the potential to be a franchise nowadays, can we?


Sony is looking to fast-track the project, with Sheridan doing a final looking over of the script while casting is handled, with Sony hoping to get the film into production within the next year. With two hot properties and Mangold and Sheridan on board, this has the potential to be another entertaining yet morally challenging film, which the two have certainly excelled at recently.



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