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There’s a lot of procedural shows on TV, a lot of true crime documentaries on Netflix, and plenty of cops-and-criminals movies nowadays. But how many of them contain a talking car? None. But that’s about to change, as James Wan is reportedly developing a film remake of 1980s series Knight Rider.


If you’re looking for something about as quintessentially 80s as it gets, Knight Rider is pretty much the perfect choice. The original show ran from 1982-1986 and starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a crimefighter who spawned a million leather-jacket-wearing imitators. Oh yeah, and his partner was a high-tech A.I. car named KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand). They solved crimes together.


It’s unclear exactly what tone the Knight Rider film will be going for. On the one hand, is anyone going to take a talking car seriously nowadays? On the other, talking, AI-heavy cars are being developed right now in real life so maybe Knight Rider was actually a prescient warning and the film will be about the dangers of unregulated tech companies developing humanity’s oppressive successors? I mean, who knows?


TJ Fixman, a video game writer who previously worked on Ratchet And Clank and Resistance: Fall Of Man, is penning the script.


Fixman has begun developing a nice body of work in the industry though, having attached Michael B. Jordan to his Men Who Kill show at Fox, and selling his scripts One Night On The Hudson and Brotherhood Of Magic to MGM.


Although Wan is a director, he produces a lot of projects – usually horror films and remakes – and it looks like that will be the case here. If so, we’ll wait and see what filmmaker jumps on board to helm the project. If you’re wondering what else Wan is up to, he’s developing a time travel movie with John Wick writer Derek Kolstad, and producing a Train To Busan remake.



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