Jamie Foxx To Direct Drama About Sibling Pastors ‘When We Pray’ | Film News

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Jamie Foxx To Direct Drama About Sibling Pastors ‘When We Pray’ | Film News


Jamie Foxx has signed on to direct the faith-based film When We Pray, which he co-wrote with Donald Ray “Speedy” Caldwell. The story follows two brothers who become pastors at different churches in the same community. One brother develops his church into a high-tech megachurch, while the other brother follows a humbler path, but soon finds his church in decline and in need of financial help.


The film will be an independent production, hailing from Cinema Libre Studio, Fight To Fame Films, and Fast Mouse Films. The budget will be no more than $5 million. That should still be enough to tell a potentially fascinating story about the link between faith and profit.


Philippe Diaz, founder and chairman of Cinema Libre, said in a statement: “It’s a great honour to work with such a talented and passionate man as Jamie Foxx, and I’m pleased to have our new Fight to Fame partners onboard. [They] will give Jamie the total freedom to make this film, which is close to his heart”.


This will be Foxx’s second directorial feature, although his first hasn’t arrived yet. All-Star Weekend is a film that’s been in development since 2012 and is finally in post-production. It’s a comedy revolving around two close friends who root for opposing NBA stars.


On the acting side of things, Foxx is coming off an acclaimed performance in Destin Daniel Cretton‘s law drama Just Mercy, and he’ll next be seen – or rather, heard – in Pixar’s Soul, which is currently slated to arrive in July. We’ll wait and see if that changes.



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