Jamie T Wins Big At 2015 NME Awards | Music News


His long awaited comeback won ‘Music Moment of the Year’, his track “Zombie” won ‘Best Track’ and ‘Best Video’ respectively; Jamie T is NME’s golden boy this year. Waiting through five years of silence, apart from featuring on “Wrongful Suspicion” with Tim Armstrong of Rancid on his series of Tim Timebomb and Friends, does make Jamie T’s comeback record Carry On The Grudge a pretty big moment for indie fans regardless of whether you think it was worth the wait. In all fairness, that is a long time to be out of music, and it’s impressive that Jamie T hasn’t become any less relevant. The solo artist dedicated his ‘Music Moment of the Year’ award to his friend Rob Skipper of The Holloways who died last year. You can see the award winning video and track “Zombie” here.




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