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If you’re looking for a great song to keep you company during your daily walks around your flat or the many home cooking sessions of these days, the Swedish band Feelium have got the track for you as they have just released their driving new single “Jared Leto”.


The indie rock band are already well known in their home city Malmö, where they were born first as a duo making electronic pop before forming the full scale live band they are now, mixing their peculiar indie pop sounds with elements of soul, funk and 70s inspired glamrock.


With two albums already in their discography, Feelium have received positive critics such as the praise from the magazine The Line Of Best Fit: “Homogeneity is not something to be found on a Feelium record, nor is drawing inside the lines”.


Surely their latest single “Jared Leto” is far from being homogeneous, featuring explosive beats, pulsating rhythm and thoughtful lyrics, with the lines “Jared Leto I’ve been feeling alone/when all I wanted was some time on my own” which are going to reach out to your heart straight away.


Describing their newest track, the band stated: “While the world around us shatter, Mr. Leto is someone to lean against. He has experienced the same loneliness”. To make sure you do not feel lonely, Feelium have released an engaging music video for their latest irresistible “Jared Leto”, whose energetic vibes will make you want to start dancing around your room, even in your pajamas!


Watch the video here:




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