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Jared Leto has reportedly taken on the lead in Martin Zandvliet‘s English-language debut The Outsider, a post WWII action thriller, set in Japan, which sees the rise of an American (Leto) in the Yakuza crime underworld.


The film has had a strenuous development and back in 2013 it had secured Tom Hardy as its lead and Takeshi Mike behind the camera.


The Outsider is based on a script by Andrew Baldwin and follows the story of an American soldier, Nick (Leto), who managed to break free with the help of his inmate, who happens to be a member of one of the most influential Yakuza families. Trying to repay his debt he slowly starts rising in the the crime underworld. Yakuza is a powerful force in the Japanese society as well as a force to be reckoned with and Nick soon find himself in a lot of trouble.


Martin Zandvliet‘s latest, Land Of Mine has been met with rave review both at the Tokyo International Film Festival and TIFF. Now that Leto has secured the lead, the project seems to be moving in the right direction and the shoot is expected to kick off in autumn. The actor who has been choosing his projects very carefully will be seen next in Suicide Squad.



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